How To Sell Beauty, Pure And Simple

Organix is a company that sells hair and body products that are pure and simple. This company is not focused on using a celebrity spokesperson or advertising “perfect looks”, they want to be different and show how the condition of the hair is changed. They want to know what its customers love about their hair, so they can help them love it even more.

Organix is most known for their shampoo and conditioners that come in a unique, organically shaped bottle. They typically use color as their focus point for the packaging, along with text that describes the benfits of the ingredients. Not only does organix sell shampoo and conditioner, they also have a line of hair oils, body wash, body oil, pastes, mousse, finishing sprays and moisturing treatments.

Their key message is ‘beauty, pure and simple’, so a package redesign was done to communicate that.

User Experience Map

1 Attraction

Anna sees the sponsored filter on snapchat.

2 Entry

Anna goes to the store to buy the product and sees the pop display.

3 Engagement

Anna uses the shampoo and enjoys the experience.

4 Conversion

Anna goes to the Organix website and signs up to receive their emails.

5 Extension

Anna is now a regular user of Organix products and receives special offers and coupons.


  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Prototyping

“Being so stressed is really taking a toll on my hair and I don’t have time to make my own concoction.”

Anna has been bombarded by articles, advertisements and TV segments pushing ‘green’ eating habits and health products. She’s all about natural and organic. Trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle, she’s looking for an easy go-to product within her budget.

“Just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I don’t know how to take care of my hair.”

Cameron is all about the “man-bun” trend and has been growing out his hair for some time. He washes it a couple times a week. Because he doesn’t want to spend time researching healthy products, he’s looking for something quick and to the point.

Blue Sky Exercise

At our initial meeting, we wanted to fill the whiteboard with as many ideas for new shapes that would solve our functionality problem. Over the months to follow we continued to revise our sketches with each generation of 3D prints.

Mood Boarding

Since the original PDP design had no imagery, we wanted to use imagery to sell the product and to communicate transparency with the brand. We drew inspiration from packaging with simple but bold designs that played with typography.

Bottle Development

Part of the problem is that the bottle is difficult to use. The original bottle is so smooth and round with hard plastic, making it prone to slipping and dropping in the shower. The ergonomics of the bottle needed to be addressed.

The first generation had two cutouts for the hand to grip, this took away too much volume the product could hold.

One side was reduced to add volume, but was awkward to hold.

This generation was designed to cup the product, but then was harder to squeeze with one hand.

The indent felt more natural, but the handle on the left side was too small and was restricting.

The hook idea was scrapped, and on one side, an indent was added to fit the crook between the thumb and forefinger. The opposite side fits a finger. The dimples work for either a right or left hand.


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