Engaging Millennials in Architecture and Facility Management


User Experience Map


  • Discovery
  • Planning

Gen Z  likes personal emails, especially if the email mentions their interests. The first aspect they consider is the cost, location and program or degree of their interest. They’ve reported that college visits and college advisors are the main vantage points their high school uses to educate them about furthering their education.

Current students like how the program is job oriented, offers creative freedom, and a small student to teacher ratio. They learned about the program through friends and Google search.

The faculty are all liscensed architects who don’t have a method of contacting prospective students. They noted that Ferris’ architecture program is unique in that it offers degree options, the application of practice (not just book work), and close networks.

The alumni highlighted that the program prepared them for the real world. The program has a well-known reputation in the professional community. The biggest takeaway was being exposed to real life scenarios. The alumni aren’t currently involved  with the program, but are still in contact with the professors and other alumni.

After the kick off meeting with the client, an audit was conducted of the existing materials (brochures, posters, website, etc.). The overall template for the website allows for editing content, is responsive, but isn’t user friendly. Secondary research was conducted on the primary users, incoming students, and on the competing schools. Primary research, interviewing high school students, current students, the faculty, alumni, and high school counselors was done to understand how incoming students learn about colleges and what they’re looking for, as well as how the current users think of the program.


“I’m trying to choose wisely to set myself up for a successful future and get my money’s worth.”

With the pressure of having to make a school decision quickly before her senior year is over, Emily wants to find information on architecture programs quickly. If it’s too difficult to find information or sees no value, she’ll look elswhere.

“We have such a fun yet professional program, I want high school students to know that.”

Diane adds professors to her social circle to learn about other programs in hopes of finding students who don’t fit in their current program. She acts as the representative for the program and uses the website as a landing page for students who need direction.


Discover Your Direction is inspired by the unique program paths offered. Whether a creative thinker, analytica thinker, or both, Ferris Architecture and Facility Management has a path for you.

Shape Of Now is inspired by the program’s core: practical theory. Students are taught what is relevant today and gain the skills to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Build Up is inspired by all the aspects the program will foster. Students will build physical structures, their community and networks, themselves, their path, and build the future. The was the winning concept.

Visual Direction Exploration

This is the chosen visual direction.

Visual Device

The idea of ‘Build Up’ is drivin by four areas that the program cultivates through their practice. These four areas are represented by four isometirc boxes. The angle of the boxes is picked up in other elements.

Art Direction

The current materials was seriously lacking imagery. Since we wanted new students to see what the program offers, we needed to establish an archive of photos. We worked with the campus photography and art directed student interaction shots, faculty headshots, alumni in their workplace, and copy stand shots of projects.

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