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The Journal of Critical Incidents does not publish long cases. JCI’s focus is on brief incidents that tell about real situation in a real organization. The incident tells a story about an event, an experience, a blunder, or a success. Unlike a long case, the incident does not provide historical detail or how the situation developed. Rather, it provides a snapshot that stimulates student use of their knowledge to arrive at a course of action or analysis.

Editor of the Journal of Critical Incidents, and professor at Ferris State University, Dr. Brotherton came to the graphic designers with a problem. The current site needed to function better and easier and was lacking aesthetic appeal.


  • Discovery
  • Planning

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

Chet (reviewer) recently wrote an article and submitted it to JCI. As part of the process, he is now required to edit one. He needs to be able to submit his comments for the author to revise based on them.

“As far as humanly possible, when I look at a web page it should be self-evident. Obvious. Self-explanatory.”

Danielle (editor) needs to read and edit journals and assign a reviewer to each journal. Notifications help remind her of tasks. She wants a website that has zero defects, carries over a set of standards from the current JCI cover, and is overall visually appealing.

User Path

Editor logs in

They go to the editor page

They approve or reject incidents

The incident pops up in full

Go to the unapproved issue of all the incidents ready to be published

The editor proofreads the incidents pop up

They arrange the order of the incidents

The editor then publishes the journal

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